Thursday, July 16, 2009

And You Paid Dues for THAT?!? Teamsters & AFSCME Cost 431 Members Their Jobs

When it comes to causing people to lose jobs, there's no singular, man-made force that does it better than today's unions.

Yesterday, Chicago's Mayor Rchard Daley laid off 431 union workers who, were it not for their unions, could have kept their jobs.

"At the close of business today, the city will be forced, under labor agreements and labor law, to take the unfortunate step of laying off 431 employees represented by these two unions," Daley said.

While 41 of the city's 43 unions agreed to reducing their work year a total of 24 days over the next two years, the Teamsters and AFSCME refused the furloughs.

Loss of the 24 days, according to WBBM Radio is a "tough pill to swallow."

But many workers say they see it as the lesser of two evils, and they wish their union would just go along with the mayor's plan to save their jobs. [Emphasis added.]

Of the 431 workers that will be laid off, 141 workers of the 2,000 Teamsters will be laid off and 290 layoffs will come from the 4,500 workers that make up the AFSCME union.


These two unions could have saved 431 jobs. Instead, they cost the city workers their jobs.

With union representation like that, why have a union?

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